On 24 February 2022, a new dark chapter in human history was opened.

Once again, people have to flee, leaving their past and identity behind to protect themselves from bombs. The world as we know it is in danger when unalterable values are called into question. There are no winners in a war, only losers. In these dark hours, we want to set a sign of hope and love. For a better world of tomorrow.

With “Letters For Better Days”, the most extensive NFT charity campaign ever, we record people’s thoughts, their fears and sorrows in these difficult times but also their wishes for the future in handwritten and illustrated letters.

“Letters For Better Days” is a unique international campaign that addresses to prominent public figures and celebrities from music business, entertainment, film industry, television, arts, literature and sports from all over the world. “Letters For Better Days” gives them the chance to speak.

Not as a musician, actor or artist - but as a human being!

Together we have the power and the possibility to create a better world and better days.

Each letter is a historical document. A unique piece of contemporary history. All letters will be digitized and auctioned as a NFT, a digital artwork, on the plattform NIFTEE www.niftee.eu for charity.

The whole world has the opportunity to bid for one of these 100+ letters and at the same time donate urgently needed funds to victims of war. These letters will be opened in exactly 12 months. Until then, the donors carry their sealed digital envelope in their wallet and hope in their hearts.

With the proceeds we support ARTHELPS.

Better Days Project - Song & Letters

The campaign “Letters For Better days” is initiated by Carmelo Lo Porto (NIFTEE), Daniela Steigel (Blue Voice Music), Kai Müller (Elbe Entertainment) and Philip Skupin (Elbe Music Service) from Germany who are members of IMUC e.V., the association for German music managers and consultants. They are supported by Ingmar Dopfer (NIFTEE) and Lukas Adamidis (Side by Side Management) Vita Patsyuk (Refugee from Kharkiv). 

"Letters For Better Days" is inspired by the song "Better Days", the second release by WIER, an association of German and international artists (release date: 22/04/2022) and the team of Stephan Moritz, Matthias Noelte and Mokoh Music.Behind the song are well known artists such as Alvaro Soler, Antje Schomaker, Daniel Donskoy, Davina Michelle, DIKKA, Egon Werler, Emily Roberts, Glasperlenspiel, Johannes Strate, Jonas Monar, Kamrad, Kiddo, Madeline Juno, Malik Harris, Max Giesinger, Michael Schulte, Moritz Garth, Nessi, Nico Santos, Rahel, Ray Dalton, Rea Garvey, SDP, Stefanie Heinzmann, VENUS und YAENNIFER,

“Letters For Better Days” is the corresponding international campaign which is supported by partners German media partners.

“Letters For Better Days” regards itself explicitly as part of the peace movement far from any political agenda. For reasons of neutrality and impartiality, we therefore deliberately refrain from inviting personalities from economics and politics.


Listen now.

Join in - For peace, freedom and better days

What do you wish for?  What does your world look like in 2023?

Write and/or illustrate a letter by hand to yourself, to a friend, an unknown person with your thoughts, wishes, feelings and fears from today for the world of tomorrow.

For any further questions, please send us an email to letters@lettersforbetterdays.com

How to take part:

It happened overnight
Our world has changed. What will it look like in the future?
Writing history. With the hope for a better world of tomorrow.
Capture your words and thoughts
Set a sign for peace.
Keep your letter in a safe place
Your statement for peace.
Send your message out to the world.


We need a handwritten letter or a drawing illustration:

What are your feelings, fears and wishes today? How do you imagine the future? What do the better days look like?


You scan or photograph this letter with your smartphone. The origin letter is kept at your place.


You record a short video statement (story format), you can talk about everything you want, this is your stage! Here is an idea for an example:

Hi, my name is XXX. I have written a letter, a letter for better days and how I imagine them. But I'm not going to tell you what's in this letter yet. You will find out in exactly 12 months. You can buy the digital version at Niftee.eu. With the proceeds we support ARTHELPS.


You send us a scan of the letter and the video to letters@lettersforbetterdays.com
We will contact you as soon as the start of your auction is fixed.

With the proceeds we support the organization ARTHELPS.

With the song and the campaign "Letters For Better Days", we intend to raise a large sum of money for ARTHELPS. The project is an initiative of creative people and artists and works in a special way for children and young people in the crisis regions all over the world.

In addition to project locations in Iraq, South Africa and Brazil, ARTHELPS has also had a project location in eastern Ukraine for some time. ARTHELPS creates spaces and opportunities to offer children and young people there a creative retreat.

“Hopefully, at some point the weapons will be silent again.Then people, children and young people will need exactly such places where they can feel safe and where they can process their traumas.” (Tom Lupo, ARTHELPS)

Further information about the project: www.arthelps.de

NFTs and the auction plattform NIFTEE

NIFTEE is an online auction platform for digital art that offers collections with highly curated NFTs of a cultural value. In the recent past, there have been unique auctions with collections as the UNIQUE ONE OF ONE MASK COLLECTION from German artist CRO or the KING OF RAP COLLECTION from Kool Savas.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Token. It is a non-interchangeable unit of data, a digital file such as a photo, a video or music, which is stored on a blockchain. Each token is uniquely identifiable and cannot be copied or deleted which preserves it for eternity.

All letters, that are collected with “Letters for Better Days”, will be digitized as an NFT and united in a unique art collection. There will be several auction rounds. Each NFT will have its own auction which runs for one week. People can bid in EURO and cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Further Info about NIFTEE: www.niftee.eu

An Initiative from



Who is the participant target group of the campaign “Letter For Better Days” ?

“Letters For Better Days” is addressed to prominent public figures and celebrities from music business, entertainment, film industry, television, arts, literature and sports from all over the world who want to set a sign for peace with their participation and their personal statement.

At the same time, the campaign would explicitly like to address to private citizens who are not in public but who also have to say something and wish to share their personal story (for example an escape experience) and their thoughts and feelings with the world.

Does the campaign have a political background?

No. “Letters For Better Days” understands itself as a part of the worldwide peace movement. By collecting donations, the campaign aims to make a contribution for an improvement of the world situation, especially the recent situation in the Ukraine, and the increasing numbers of crisis areas worldwide. ​

Why will the secret of the NFTs and letters will only be revealed after 12 months?

It is a conscious decision of the campaign that NFTs and letters both will be kept as a secret and only be revealed after 12 months. During 12 months, there are a lot of things to happen that hopefully make a change for the better. At the same time, it will be much more exciting and moving to look back at the recent situation.


You want to take part? Send us Your Letter Today!